Nick Cochran

In their 30’s, Winston, who has taken his mission very seriously and wants to please Horatio to the best of his ability, finds himself nervous and shaky hands in hopes with each time hop he is successful, finds himself in the United States in the 1970’s in an underground club in New York where he hears loud belly laughs and applause with what he considers, and interesting group of attendees in what seems to be a show, some looking like they are even in some sort of costume. As he notices everyone’s gaze to a particular part of the room, he sees an interesting looking person doing a comedy bit with quick witted humor and a fabulousness about their stride. I believe the drag queen should be black, and he will most likely be of a small build. Winston scratches his head as he’s not sure how he ended up here and to what his eyes were actually seeing.

Launna is played by Nick Cochran and is an amazing talent in Drag Show performances and comedy.