Camila Rojas

era 1956 In her 30’s, a Greek poet with a tender saunter and demeanor when she walks. She is smooth and calm, seemingly having a soft touch. She is careful with her grace and beauty and exudes a sensual, yet innocent energy. She gives off an empathetic and supportive nature.

Caliope performed by Paso Doble Ballroom Dancer Camila Rosa

Camila, born in Pigüe, Argentina, enjoyed a lively childhood with sports, dance, and music. At 17, she moved to Buenos Aires, studied physical education, and excelled in salsa dancing, securing 2nd place in two world championships in the United States. Inspired by movies, she transitioned to Ballroom Dance, marking the beginning of her competitive career. She competed for a year in Argentina, achieving the title of South American runner-up. A year later, she was invited to the United States to begin a career as a dance instructor. She successfully started her professional ballroom dancing career in the United Sates and continues to study, grow, and evolve in dance.